AVI – RAM CARGO was founded in 1985.

In 2013, the companies “Aviram Customs Services” and Aviram Cargo 1990 Ltd. merged under the AVI – RAM CARGO brand.

This merge was created so that our clients could enjoy a range of services with maximum professional efficiency, all in one place.

Our headquarters are in Ramat Gan and are the center of our commercial and operational activities. The company has branches in Ashdod, Haifa, and Ben Gurion Airport.

The company has a state-of-the-art cloud-based computer system that enables the communication between the agents overseas to update our clients on all information in real-time.

AVI – RAM CARGO is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the IATA, the FIATA, and the FFCCA, ISO9001: 2015 quality standard certified, and an AEO – Authorized Economic Operator.

The company has a first-class network of agents providing service to clients in export and import by sea or air.

Avi Ram Cargo Logistics International Freight Forwarding is exclusive agent of Yusen Logistics, Japan nearly 30 years for all shipments Sea/Air Export /Import

With a team of 45 dedicated and professional employees, our company provides first-class service to our customers at competitive prices, by sea and air with export and import and to most destinations in the world.

The services that our company offers: