General terms and conditions

The Israeli Communication Treaty of International Forwarding Services

Attached is the communication treaty of international forwarding services and the joint declaration signed between the Sea Transport Users Association and the Israeli Fed of Freight Forwarders & Customs Clearing Agents (IFFCCA)

The treaty determines the fundamental obligations and rights of the international forwarder and the client using their service. The treaty stipulates, among other things, that the international forwarder will act with reliability, loyalty, and honesty when providing his services, both towards the client and towards the authorities. The forwarder undertakes to follow the law and the laws applicable to the cargo shipment to and from Israel. The client shall provide the international forwarder with all relevant information for the cargo shipment, including a detailed description of the cargo, its value, weight, volume, packaging, and other required features and characteristics for the international forwarding services.

General terms: International Forwarding

Addition to Air Cargo, General terms:

Custom Brokerage, General terms:

Customs Brokerage - Additional terms:

Limitation of Liability – Customs Brokerage.

The client/importer accepts and agrees to bear the final costs for customs payments, taxes, fines, interests related to import/export, including deficits and arrears. They will compensate AVI – RAM CARGO or its representative for any liability in customs payments.

Limitation of Liability of AVI – RAM CARGO as agent only: In cases where AVI – RAM CARGO announced that they served as an agent only.

When AVI – RAM CARGO serves as an agent, such as in prepaid cargo and handing over delivery orders, the company does not undertake or pretend to enter into any contract with the client for transportation, storage, handling, clearance, or other physical services.

AVI – RAM CARGO will not be accountable for the actions, omissions, or damages of third parties. Proper disclosure in the contract with the actual carrier will be AVI – RAM CARGO ‘s responsibility.

limitation of liability cyber security cases: according to Aviram Cargo cyber insurance policy limitations and terms.